We made Radio Control 99.4 Top 10!

We’re officially a massive fan of Palmerston North. Sharing the love.

NZ Top 10 time all thanks to the beautiful people at NZ On Air Music.
#1 Doprah – Machinery
#2 Iris Moon – Morning Scent
#3 Jakeland – Here To Stay
#4 ≈milk≈ – The Finch
#5 Bailey Wiley – Dos Fuegos
#6 LEISURE – Nobody (ft. Goldlink)
#7 Yumi Zouma – Keep It Close To Me
#8 Band Noir – Choke
#9 Manuel Darquart – Next Dance
#10 The Prophet Hens – Popular People
‪#‎HITPICK‬ So Laid Back Country China – Garden Lost Child Pt. 1



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