New Album! The Wonderful Shape of Back Door Keys.

Check it out!! The first copies of the new album have arrived!! We’ve called it “The Wonderful Shape of Back Door Keys.” Isn’t it colourful?! You’ll have to wait until “June”ish to actually purchase a copy, but that’s not too far away. In other news, our first album, “Popular People Do Popular People” is being released on a limited edition LP too, thanks to theĀ generous backing of James McKenzie (Naive Melody Records), Nick at Occultation Recordings, and Ian Henderson (of our own label, Fishrider Records).

All the exciting things are happening!!.



Dunedin! And a finished album!

Karl and I went on a walkabout around Dunedin to brainstorm album release ideas in lieu of the completion of the album (!!) and found a bunch of lovely views. We found a waterfall and the Labyrinth! I’ve also added a shot of our amazing album mastering genius, Tex Houston (and thrown in some photos of today’s skies too – cos why not, they’re pretty). We’re hoping to bring you some sounds from the album over the coming months, so stay tuned.