Hello Australia & Canada!

“Popular People” has been playlisted on the Australian/Canadian radio show Stranded. Being on the same playlist as UMO and Dimmer makes us happy.

Stranded podcast #273

So, on my journey to find a picture of a baby moose (because Canada), I found out something interesting. Did you know Canada has about 1 million moose? I discovered that fact on mooseworld.com. Their site is partially about seeing how the metaphor of “moose” can make lives better and happier. I thoroughly encourage you to check out their website – it even has a moose of the day, every day. I’m not quite sure how I can apply the metaphor of “moose” in my life, but I’m sure going to try. Any way of celebrating all things Canadian can only be a good thing, like drinking maple syrup straight from the bottle. Now that’s the good life.


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