Happy Album(s) Release Day!

Happy Album(s) Release Day (for Saturday just gone)!! Everything is officially released on all platforms as of today. If you want to buy our brand new album, “The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys”, here are the platforms it’s available on:
Not only that, here are a couple more excellent reviews. What a great day!:
Thanks Norman Records and The Finest Kiss!!



Wonderful reviews!

We got more great reviews in the post, which I have to say is humbling and uplifting at the same time! If you need any further excuse to grab the album, give it a read. Album comes with free hugs and a free (uh)… sense of having… purchased something. Scott says “After multiple listens, I cannot identify a song that stands out from the others, but that is true only because the songs all have such adeptly layered emotions and elements, such perfectly blended melancholy and hope, that each listen reveals new joy.”

When You Motor Away!

Meanwhile in the States, Stereo Embers’ Dave Cantrell has this to say about the new album – “A preternatural talent for a certain by-now renowned Kiwi catchiness is a given when it comes to the Prophet Hens” Again, we’re humbled and grateful for all the support!

Stereo Embers!

Hi Greece!!

Annibus says “is a bouquet of beautiful songs that will make your day…is the perfect album to go with a a morning coffee.” Thanks Stylianos Tziritas!

Here is a full translation:

Hey, what does that sound reminds me of? What does it remind me of…? Then you take a closer look and see that their record company is Fishrider in New Zealand. The Prophet Hens are from New Zealand and have a fresh sound, a strangely-fragrant blend of pop and paisley, owing a debt to other craftsmen from that country such as The Bats and The Clean.
What you will find here, on the strangely-entitled The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys, is a bouquet of beautiful songs that will make your day, it’s not just the melody but also the roughness when they decide to go that way. There is a “good-time garage” feel to songs like (the wonderful) Drunk in a Park.
The band feature female and male vocals trading lines at the microphone as the song requires, which gives some really enjoyable sonic textures. Another element I really liked is the fact that it’s properly mastered. Soft and none of the “brick-wall” stuff we hear from major indie bands who are jealous of the mainstream.
This, the second Prophet Hens record, is the perfect album to go with a a morning coffee.
I hope now that they have European distribution we will see them playing live in Europe soon.
Stylianos Tziritas

Hello Australia & Canada!

“Popular People” has been playlisted on the Australian/Canadian radio show Stranded. Being on the same playlist as UMO and Dimmer makes us happy.

Stranded podcast #273

So, on my journey to find a picture of a baby moose (because Canada), I found out something interesting. Did you know Canada has about 1 million moose? I discovered that fact on mooseworld.com. Their site is partially about seeing how the metaphor of “moose” can make lives better and happier. I thoroughly encourage you to check out their website – it even has a moose of the day, every day. I’m not quite sure how I can apply the metaphor of “moose” in my life, but I’m sure going to try. Any way of celebrating all things Canadian can only be a good thing, like drinking maple syrup straight from the bottle. Now that’s the good life.

We made Radio Control 99.4 Top 10!

We’re officially a massive fan of Palmerston North. Sharing the love.

NZ Top 10 time all thanks to the beautiful people at NZ On Air Music.
#1 Doprah – Machinery
#2 Iris Moon – Morning Scent
#3 Jakeland – Here To Stay
#4 ≈milk≈ – The Finch
#5 Bailey Wiley – Dos Fuegos
#6 LEISURE – Nobody (ft. Goldlink)
#7 Yumi Zouma – Keep It Close To Me
#8 Band Noir – Choke
#9 Manuel Darquart – Next Dance
#10 The Prophet Hens – Popular People
‪#‎HITPICK‬ So Laid Back Country China – Garden Lost Child Pt. 1


People are talking about us!

Good things only of course. We feel pretty special!



I initially posted this without a animal, but it didn’t seem right, so here are some cute red pandas! Our label manager of Fishrider Records, Ian, tells me that pandas are one of the most popular animals on the internet…but how awesome are red pandas?!

Cute red pandas