Gig, single release and LP re-issue

We’re pretty excited to be playing out first gig of 2016, with a new bassist and drummer no less (Benton Glassey on bass and Ben Morton on drums). We’ll be playing songs from the soon be released 2nd album too. Oh the anticipation!

In other news, we had the world premiere of a single from the new album. “Popular People” is the 1st single from our 2nd album “The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys” which is due out in June/July here in NZ and also in the UK/ Europe as a co-release with UK label Occultation Recordings.

Just to confuse everyone, “Popular People Do Popular People” – our 1st album, from which this new single gets its title, is also being ‘re’-issued on LP at the same time as our new album comes out.

Prophet Hens May 5th gig


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